Thursday, October 5, 2017


I didn't get that casual library position, the interviewer (Sue) said they needed someone more available at the times they wanted. Fair enough. I'm not bothered, I wasn't really that keen on working weekends and evenings anyway. I barely even thought about it today until Sue called at 3:00 pm. I will continue to concentrate on my studies until I get my degree, then look for something that suits me.

Speaking of my studies, I'm still working on this horrible assignment - third of four I wanted to get done these holidays but I think I'll be lucky to get three done plus study for my exam next week. I really hate this particular assignment! Basically I have to recommend a new library computer system for our imaginary library, with lots of fully referenced reasons. It doesn't really cover anything taught so it requires lots of research, things I don't know about at all like 'open source' and 'in the cloud' computer stuff, and finding out about the different systems available. I suppose I am learning things I didn't know! But it's both time-consuming and boring. Hours and hours. Oh well. Just get it done and over with, Natalie!

Stop procrastinating.

[edit: yay finished the assignment!!!!]

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