Tuesday, July 3, 2012



So I ate a lot on my birthday, no regrets, but that night around 10 pm I suddenly got horrible abdominal cramps and spent an unpleasant time on the toilet. I was up at 3 am and then again at 4 am with the same thing, and felt rather delicate all the next morning. So maybe my body wasn't so happy with all that rich fatty food!

What with also being woken by my son at 6 am, I was pretty tired all yesterday. I honestly think I've had about one good night's sleep in the past three weeks. Then last night Tim was blowing his nose all night as he has caught the nasty germs going round. Horrible for him, I am not minimising that (and he had the same problems with me keeping him awake when I was sick), but also fairly unpleasant for me as it was yet another badly broken night. This morning I am wrecked. I am barely functioning.

As an example of my lack of mental function today, when I went to make some toast for breakfast the toaster was a bit far back on the bench. So, even though I had just seen my daughter use it (she must have pushed it back) and indeed had been waiting my turn, I grabbed it and pulled it towards me by HOOKING TWO FINGERS INSIDE THE TOASTER. Ow. I got away with just the tip of one finger burnt on the hot metal. Luckily I didn't touch the actual element inside. Clearly, I was not thinking at all at that moment.

So much I should be doing today, but I just want to sleep. And eat.

Didn't go to Zumba yesterday or Pump this morning, so I still haven't done a class at the gym, but I will do another session on the treadmill this afternoon while the kids are at Gecko.

We had a cool summer and a cold autumn, and now we are having a freezing winter (for Australia); it is well below freezing at night and was still -3C when I was walking the kids to school today. I am worried because it is their athletics carnival today. The school oval is just a swathe of grass with some goal posts, so they walk to a nearby oval that has lanes marked for races and a sandy long-jump pit. It has no shelter or benches or anything like that, apparently the school puts down some mats in house colours for them to sit on. They certainly couldn't sit on the grass, it was covered in frost this morning and will be sopping wet. Aiden, in kindy, will only be there for two hours in the middle of the day so that might not be so bad, but Jasmine will be there all day. Freezing. I made sure she took a little blanket and gloves and beanie, but it will still be pretty unpleasant.

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