Friday, July 6, 2012

Last day of term


Yet again, I didn't make it to my Weight Watchers meeting. My excuse was that I didn't have time for breakfast this morning (I was making popcorn for the kids to take to a last-day-of-term party) so I had to have it after walking them to school and then I didn't want to rush eating ... but the other reason was that I have put on about 1 kg this week and didn't want to make it official. Coward.

I did 30 mins on the treadmill yesterday while the kids were doing Gecko but I didn't manage to run this time. It was a bit of a struggle to even walk at a decently brisk pace on a slight incline. Sigh. But I'll just keep at it and get my fitness back. Gecko has two long sessions a week during the school holidays so I will still get to go to the gym.

I was feeling a bit down today, maybe about the weekend. I had been a bit resistant to us going away but eventually got my head around it and we got it all organised. Then mum called yesterday to say she had been/still was really sick, probably with the same flu I had. So she can't take the kids for the weekend. Tim has committed to helping his brother so he is going to go alone while I stay home with the kids. Everyone else is busy and the things I was going to do weren't kid-friendly and we didn't have accomodation for them so it is just easier to stay home. But it means I miss out on some stuff and also don't get to see my husband all weekend and that is usually practically the only time I do see him. And I'm a bit worried about mum with no-one to look after her. But I'm sure she'll rest better without me & the kids there.

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