Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dust and creme brulee


Library and shopping this morning. This afternoon I tackled the laundry. Not the piles of clean or dirty clothes, but the laundry room. I took everything out and threw away a lot of broken pieces of this and that, swept seven years of dust off the walls and shelves, vaccuumed and mopped the floor, put back the things that deserved to go back. It was a filthy, unpleasant job, but with the reward of having a clean and tidy room at the end of my work.

Yesterday evening I started to cough again, woke this morning full of phelgm and spent the first hour hacking up a lung, felt fine all day, now it is evening again and the cough is back. I just can't get rid of this stupid virus. But why doesn't it affect me during the day?

It's our monthaversary today. Tim and I have always tried to have a special night once a month to celebrate our wedding (and before that, our first date). Since having kids it has changed from going out to a restaurant to trying to remember to say "happy monthaversary" at some point during the day. Today I cooked a nice dinner and spent some time this afternoon cooking creme brulee for us to have for dessert. But of course he wasn't home to have dinner with us. I waited for a while in case he made it home for dessert but no. I don't know why I had any hope he would be home before 8 pm. So his lovely dinner sits cold on the plate, his dessert is in the fridge, the wine stayed unopened.

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