Monday, July 16, 2012

Back at the gym


This Club Gecko thing is awesome, it makes me go to the gym! While I'm there for the kids I might as well exercise.

On Friday I was supposed to go to a BodyPump class and had booked the kids into creche but I was feeling too yuck in the morning. I continued coughing all day, much worse than the previous few days, and at one point I had such a nasty coughing fit that I actually wet my pants. Luckily I was at home. This has happened twice before (both since having kids), during a really bad prolonged coughing fit each time. I guess my pelvic floor is yet another muscle I need to work on.

On Saturday and Sunday I was feeling a lot better, much less coughing, just a sore throat from the post-nasal drip of a continuing runny nose. I didn't leave the house all weekend, had a nice quiet time with the family. Sunday was a particularly freezing day, but all accounts. Sunday night, after I went to bed, I started coughing again; keeping me and Tim awake for ages. It is very frustrating that this stupid flu just goes on and on.

Today I felt a lot better (again). Took the kids to Club Gecko in the afternoon which gave me an hour and a half at the gym. I walked on the treadmill for an hour, with a tiny bit of jogging (plus I ran a couple of races with Aiden while we waited for the Gecko instructor), then 10 mins each on the rowing machine and the stationary bike. I was quite tired and sweaty by the end. I didn't push really hard, but I did get 80 mins of exercise in. I was starving when we got home and ate too many biscuits with my cup of tea. On the whole I call it a win.

Tomorrow we are having a skip delivered so that we can do a garage/studio cleanup so I expect to do quite a bit of strength work throwing old furniture into it.

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