Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Eve


Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely festive period. If you don't celebrate Christmas, you could try Festivus which was invented by the Seinfeld writers. Wiki says it is non-commercial holiday which includes an unadorned aluminium Festivus Pole instead of a Christmas Tree, but I remember it chiefly for the "Airing of Grievances" where you tell everyone at the dinner table how they have disappointed you during the year. It's supposed to be celebrated (if that is the right word) on December 23 so we missed it, maybe next year!

We've spent the last few days feeling a bit unwell, trying to get all the cleaning and shopping etc done. I'm feeling a lot better today so I'm confident for Christmas tomorrow. Lots of cooking and cleaning today. I think I'll watch some Carols on TV tonight and go to bed early. Oh, but I'm looking forward to putting all the presents under the tree after the kids go to bed so I'll have to stay up at least that long!

Have a great day tomorrow.

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