Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Different kind of hot


I picked up Indian food for dinner tonight after the kids last Acrogym class of the year, butter chicken for the kids and tried a different curry (can't remember name, started with a Z) which I specified to be mild. I usually ask for medium for myself but I thought the kids might like to try some. Oh boy. Not mild. Not even medium, to my taste buds. Hot hot hot. Nice flavour, but I couldn't eat it without large portions of rice, naan bread, and some milk. I'm going to be sorry tomorrow.

Lovely cool rainy day today, about 15 degrees cooler than the past couple. Stayed home all day to receive another parcel. Walked around shops and library in the evening while kids were in Acrogym, very nice outside. I felt so much healthier than I did in the heat.


  1. Ha ha ha - I've only found ONE Indian joint on the N side of town that makes my chicken tikka hot enough to suit me, & that's tear-jerking, tongue-searingly spicy!!! But I know whatcha mean about regretting it later; Hubby likes to call it "Delhi belly!"

    1. I'm sure I used to be able to eat hotter food when I was younger! Maybe I got out of the habit when I had little children, I can't seem to tolerate much now. Still love a bit.