Thursday, January 12, 2017



Yesterday we saw another movie, "Moana". The kids don't seem to want to do much else. Just mooch around the house, which is fine with me.

Today Jasmine had a friend over, and they spent three hours giggling in her room. Weirdly her friend had my exact boots (I don't know why she was wearing boots on a hot summer day) and when she took them off she had the same socks as I am wearing today. So do I have the fashion sense of a twelve year old, or does she have that of a 46 year old?

When Emily's mother dropped her off I invited her in for a cup of tea and we had a chat. I am trying to be brave and make new friends. Seemed very nice. I was a bit secretly miffed when she had two sugars in her tea, admitted to a sweet tooth and love of desserts, her husband works for Coca-Cola,and she complained about being slack about exercise since Christmas... yet is very slender! Nice teeth too.

I am thinking more seriously that I need to get some kind of part time job (school hours) for the social aspect and the sense of purpose as much as the money (but I would like to contribute money to the household too) - but I have no idea what. Maybe I should start by looking at local job ads and see what is available?

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