Sunday, January 29, 2017

Stomach flu


My upset tummy got worse rather than better over the weekend. Random stabbing pains. Fatigue. Sore throat. Mild nausea but also abdominal discomfort. Some... unpleasantness.

My Chinese sister-in-law hosted a Chinese New Year dinner on Sunday night but I didn't go. I really was not feeling well. And with three babies (and plenty of adults!) in the family I didn't want to pass this on.

My cricket team lost the final on Saturday night. By a big margin. 😢

Today Tim was back at work and Aiden back at school, Jasmine starts tomorrow so I had the day with her. It was her actual birthday, she'd already had her party. She wanted to see the movie Passengers but we couldn't because the only session time would have meant we weren't home when Aiden got home from school. Instead we did a bit of shopping for school stuff then went to the Lindt chocolate café for a treat. I was still recovering from my stomach flu which is now more like normal flu (runny nose etc) so wasn't up to doing any more than that. We'll watch the final Twilight movie at home tonight - even though my favourite TV show is starting! (My Kitchen Rules - reality cooking show.) I'll catch up on that tomorrow.

Jasmine requested lasagne for dinner (we use zucchini instead of pasta for the girls' half, Jas is now gluten-free and I'm trying to reduce carbs), I wasn't really feeling up to cooking something that complex tonight but I managed it with only one major mistake and one dropped/smashed bowl from our new set.😢 again. It's in the oven now - I hope it turns out ok!

Tomorrow it will be just me at home, a bit of a change after six weeks of holidays! I've got the rest of the week to get some stuff organised before my course starts next Monday, like finding some publishers to send my book off to. I've done nothing with that over the summer holidays. Actually I have a long list of things to do - don't we all! But I'll be taking it easy if I still don't feel well (and watch my TV show!).


  1. Catching up! Sorry you've been under the weather; I have also been afflicted by what I believe is mild food poisoning - I took Hubs to town for BF Sun, we barely missed their very strict 11 AM cutoff so had to order lunch items...
    Like it or not, it seems my body is deciding for me that I can no longer tolerate fried foods: I ordered flautas (chicken taquitos which are deep-fried) & my stomach's been queasy ever since. Blerrrrgh!!!

    1. Oo sorry to hear that. Sounds nasty. I find too much fat makes me queasy too (but not for so long!) but since I've reduced the carbs I find they upset me too if I have too much. And starchy carbs now taste really bland and pointless. "Cardboardhydrates." Except potatoes. Never leave me, potatoes!