Wednesday, February 1, 2017



I've two days child-free (within school hours anyway) and I've got so much done! Or maybe it's because I'm feeling better. It's not like the kids need constant care and attention when they are here. But I've done heaps of stuff, organising mainly, we have a few things coming up, plus of course the pool.

The pool has hardly changed in months. A concrete hole in the ground.
At least this week we've had tiles put down on top edge (under the plastic) and some plumbing done.

My TAFE course is all organised. I'm itching to get started. When I saw the head teacher last week I asked if there was anything I could read to prepare, she told me just to relax and enjoy my child-free week before starting full-time study. Has she never met an eager mature-aged student before? But it turns out I have been using the time well on other things. I even tidied my desk - although my in-tray is still overflowing. Well, I've got two more days.

I'm back on my blood sugar diet and feeling well. A bit hungry, but I know that will pass as I get used to reduced calories.

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