Sunday, February 5, 2017

Too hot


Last night we went to a 40th wedding anniversary surprise party, Tims aunt and uncle in the side we don't see as often. It was at a restaurant nearly an hour from here, further inland so even hotter than here near the coast. Unfortunately if the restaurant had air conditioning it wasn't working very well! Even my father in law who doesn't usually complain about stuff like that commented on the heat. We've just had our hottest January on record, and February will be just as bad.

Apart from the heat, the other problem was the food. Quite nice, but not exactly diet friendly! I couldn't ask for anything special for me, they were busy catering for our group of fifty or so plus a wedding reception in the other room. So I had an Arrancini ball which is deep fried rice, some crumbed and fried calamari, some deep fried something else maybe potato, and some salad. At least the salad wasn't deep fried carbs! I also had four glasses of water.

Aside from these petty issues it was nice. I was sitting opposite Tims cousin and her husband, we went to their wedding about eighteen months ago and she was now clearly pregnant. Lovely couple. Good chat. And other family I knew were there as well. We left straight after the speeches, which I couldn't hear from behind everyone else. But the couple were certainly surprised! They thought they were just going out to dinner and walked into a room full of people they knew, all staring at them.

Sorry to go on about the heat so much, but it saps all my energy and I have trouble sleeping so I have to complain to someone!

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  1. I totally understand about the heat. I feel the same way! So complain away. I'm an ally! LOL