Wednesday, February 15, 2017



My eye wasn't sore today so I risked mascara, bad idea! My eyes watered constantly on the train ride, so I ended up with panda eyes that I had to repair when I got to the city.

I have an early morning class on Wednesday, Tim has gone to work late to get Aiden to school (he goes an hour later than Jas). I've had Aiden's name on a waiting list for before-school care but no luck yet. Anyway, today there were 18 people in a 16-computer classroom and the teacher asked if there was anyone who wanted to do the subject online instead... it seemed like a good time to switch. I'm doing half my classes online anyway. And we're only in week two, still easy to make the adjustment. So I stayed the rest of the lesson but have organised the swap.

BTW, the lady I found so annoying (because she made constant "listening" noises for two and a half hours) was there today but didn't make a sound that I heard. I checked behind me a couple of times to make sure she was in the room!

My other class today was the one I was least sure about - about websites. But who knew HTML coding was so easy? Very logical and straightforward (so far). I really enjoyed it. The lady next to me had no idea what was going on, I was able to help her a lot (although I grumble a lot here, I am actually a very nice and helpful person).

Since I complain about bad weather, I will mention that today was lovely, cloudy in the morning but then warm and sunny without being too hot.

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