Sunday, February 19, 2017

Extra family


Another busy week over. This time I didn't get all my TAFE work done during the week, I had to do some on Saturday morning. Partly because there was more to do now we're out of intro week, but also because I'm having to be very careful with my RSI and take lots of breaks. I was getting some twinges in my arms and hands which worried me so early in the school year, but taking a long break every half hour (moving around, doing some housework etc) has it under control. This is the first time I've been on the computer for leisure all week.

If I want to do any fiction writing, if I can find the time, I think I'll have to set up my old DragonDictate. It is pretty cumbersome for anything else but ok for straight dictation. Just try to imagine, though, if you had to get the mouse to a particular spot on the screen without touching the mousepad or keys. You tell it to navigate and it puts a grid of nine squares on the screen - you tell it which square the target is in. Then you can divide that square into a further nine squares to narrow it down further and so on, until the cursor is over your target and you can tell it to double click! You can see why I don't use it for regular computer use. Of course my software is ten years old, it could have improved since then.

We had some extra family over for lunch, the couple who were the victims of a surprise party a few weeks ago. They hadn't seen our new house yet. Lunch for fourteen is pretty standard these days, but I got a bit stressed when they called not long before expected arrival time to say they would be an hour late! I had to work out how to hold back a half-cooked lunch so it would be neither overlooked nor cold, and meantime find something to keep at bay the hunger of the other guests. It all went well in the end.

Tim's aunt Jan is one of those people who seems lovely but has no idea how inappropriate some of the things they say are - talking about how much they liked someone's former partner (to the new partner), how someone's parents always disapproved of her marriage choice because she married beneath her social station (um, he's right there). Oh and some judgements about Ukrainians, although to be fair she didn't know that's where my Nana was from. Yet she's not nasty at all, just oblivious. Family is fun.

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