Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year


Happy New Year and welcome to 2017. Last night we had family over, we had cider and snacks and played the board game "Imaginif" which gets you to ask questions like "If Daniel was a dog, what sort of dog would he be?" And gives you six options to choose from. With that particular question I was explaining to Daniel's wife what all the options were; I could understand not knowing what a miniature Schnauzer is but who hasn't heard of a Golden Retriever? Or a corgi?! (The consensus was that Daniel was most like a Golden Retriever: big loyal and cuddly.) One I remember about myself was what sort of monster is Natalie most like; werewolf, King Kong etc. I chose vampire but everyone else said the Cookie Monster! Obvious really.

We watched the early session of fireworks on TV and guests were gone by 11:00 when I went to bed, I haven't stayed up until midnight for any reason for years. I get too tired. The kids both stayed up with Tim for the first time and they seem fine today.

Today we saw the Star Wars movie Rogue One (we remembered to pre-purchase tickets this time) and we all thought it was good. We'd decided to grab lunch there, before the movie, but it turned out there was a choice of exactly one restaurant open in the complex! The food court and everything else was closed for New Year's Day. Only the Chinese restaurant was open, maybe because they don't have their New Year celebration for another month. Luckily we like Chinese food.

I'm struggling a bit with returning to healthy eating with all the leftover treats still in the house. I've served them to visitors and taken things when we go elsewhere, but other people also bring us more!  I can't throw anything out with Tim and the kids here. We are down to a couple of boxes of chocolates now, mainly, but I love chocolate! Usually I just have 70% dark Lindt available. It's so much easier to resist junk when it isn't right under my nose!


  1. Happy New Year. May the New Year be full of blessings to you and yours.

  2. Happy New Year. I hope you have great success with your writing!