Tuesday, January 10, 2017



I knew my legs would be sore today, but I was wrong about which bits. My calves hurt the most when actually climbing up the rock stairs, but it's the muscles at the front just above my knees that are stiff and sore now. Going down stairs is very painful!

Didn't do much today. Just the grocery shopping. I feel guilty that we didn't do more but it was so hot today. The kids played board games and iPad games and got bored. Tomorrow will be worse, 38 degrees C.

I wish we had our pool.


  1. Those would be your quadriceps! Mine were sore too after my New Year's Eve ride which I started with my stirrups too short... (I'd let others use my saddle so I didn't get 'em set exactly right on that 1st loop) - oh well, I needed the leg work!

    1. I always liked my stirrups short! Made me feel safer. Hard on the knees though.