Friday, January 27, 2017



I went into the city this morning to meet with the head teacher of my TAFE course and worked out my timetable, looks like I'll go in three days a week, be home in time for the kids after school, and do the rest online. I have one early morning where I'll put Aiden into before-school care, his school starts pretty late. Seems like it will work out well.

Silly episode while there; I went to the TAFE library and asked about getting a library card. They said I just use my TAFE ID card and told me where to get it. I went to that office, was about to press the button marked "TAFE card" to get a ticket in the queue when a helper came over and asked what I was there for. Told her I needed a TAFE card. She pressed the "TAFE card" button for me and gave me the ticket. A few minutes later I was called to the desk. "I'm starting here this year and need a TAFE card please." "Oh, we don't do TAFE cards here, you need to go to building G." !!!! I decided to leave that run-around for another day.

What I thought was car sickness on Wednesday has persisted so it obviously isn't just motion sickness - but travel definitely makes me feel worse. I didn't have any breakfast this morning to be safe, still felt quite nauseated in the train. Not really sick, just a bit queasy a lot of the time. Real food seems ok, junk food makes it worse.

It was Australia Day yesterday, we didn't do anything much. We were supposed to get together with some other family members in a park where they had some activities going on; I was feeling queasy and stayed home while Tim took the kids, and no one else we knew showed up. We just had a movie night at home.

BTW my cricket team did get through to the final which is tomorrow night. It was a very exciting semi-final - ended in a draw so they had to go to a "super over" which we won.

Today/tonight Jasmine is having her birthday party. She didn't want any activities, just picked out some snack foods. A group of girls spent three hours locked in her room giggling. Then half of them went home and we were left with a handful to stay overnight. I made tacos for dinner and we sat down together. None of the girls - even Jasmine! - would speak, if asked a question they would just look at each other and giggle. I can understand the other girls being shy but why Jasmine? They didn't eat much, probably because of afternoon snacks, and it was all a bit awkward. Was I like that when I was thirteen? We're putting a bunch of mattresses and blow-up beds in the lounge, they can watch TV late and do some more giggling I guess. As long as they have fun.

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