Thursday, December 14, 2017



Absolute scorcher today. 39C. I didn't dare go in the pool in the middle of the day, any exposed bits of me would be burned to a crisp. Better to wait until a bit later, when the kids got home and the sun wasn't directly overhead. So I watered the garden first thing, then mostly sat in front of the cricket on TV, sapped of energy despite the air con being on, drinking water and eating cherries. And doing detailed menu/shopping list planning for Christmas.

We are expecting this kind of weather for most days for the next couple of weeks.

Didn't go in the pool until 4:30, but then in and out until about 8:00pm. Definitely don't need the pool heater - the water gets over 30C without it! We do need a bit more shade out there, it will be years before the plants grow. There is a big umbrella but the wind pushes it around so it's not shading where we sit. Will have to move it once Tim's pulled back is fully better.

Good news I am feeling much better today, I think I am over whatever that was.


  1. It is so funny how we are at opposite ends. You have a heat wave and we have freezing temperatures!

    1. I know! A cold Christmas is such a weird concept for me, something only seen on TV. I always just hope it won’t be too hot, considering I’m cooking all morning. And of course it doesn’t snow at any time in Sydney and a temp below freezing (at night in the middle of winter) is rare.

  2. We're having fairly cool weather for Florida. It feels good after the long, hot summer.


    1. I always enjoy a change in temperature. A cool day after hot weather or a warm day after cold weather - both are lovely!