Friday, December 1, 2017

Summer and the tree


First day of summer and it was a scorcher!

After four weeks with pretty much no exercise (I was sick most of that time, I’ve finished my course of antibiotics and I’m fine now except for a disordered gut microbiome) I decided to start easing back into it. I did 15 minutes of dance and stopped while I still felt ok. I probably could have done more but the last couple of times I tried I set back my recovery so I’m being careful.

In the afternoon we went in the pool. Jasmine is still pink in the arms and face after last weekend so she wore a shirt over her cossie and we didn’t stay in long.


We had another swim this morning, then storms swept in and gave the parched garden a nice watering. I did another 15 minutes dance exercise.

After lunch we put up our Christmas tree. Red and silver theme this year:

I've had a poster of Legolas for many years, it's been through at least two moves with us. Jasmine had the idea of getting him into the Christmas spirit:
The tip of the arrow really does follow you around the room! No matter where you stand, he's aiming at you.

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