Thursday, December 28, 2017

Taming the grass


I was planning to get serious about my food from 1st January, but then found two good reasons not to wait. On Wednesday night we were at Nick & Ping's and did a bit of a Just Dance game, and my niece Emma insisted on watching all the replay videos. Oh my goodness I'm still so fat. It always surprises me, especially since I've lost a bit of weight recently, that I am a lot fatter in reality than I am in my head. Mirrors, photos, and apparently videos all ambush me.

Then I weighed myself Thursday morning to find my weight, which had stayed pretty steady over the Christmas indulgences, had suddenly caught up with reality too and jumped up a fair bit. I was unhappy with the number. So I decided not to wait another four days to stop eating so much junk.

I spent an hour and a half at least in the garden, working on the garden beds that don't yet have an edging of rocks so the pampered lawn has really invaded. I turned bits like this:
 Into this:
It was quite hard sweaty work, the grass had put down lots of roots along the runners and took a lot of effort to rip out. Next cooler day I'll work on getting the rock edging in.

We had people over in the afternoon for a swim and Tim's dad also dropped in with Jo, and Jo's daughter and granddaughter, on their way home from spending Christmas with Jo's family. I put out lots of leftover chips and chocolates but only ate a little bit of cheese, a few grapes, and one Lindor ball. I call that a win! Calories good for the day.

I had a really bad sleep last night. That operation I had a year ago to remove fibroids fixed the heavy periods but didn't take away all the pain. It gets bad each month the week before my period, and I was lying awake in a lot of discomfort for quite a bit of the night. Still aches today. It's 34 C here so I'm tired and sore and hot and not feeling very happy. Still staying away from the bad food though. We still have some in the house but it should be all finished off on Sunday night. Anything left after that will go in the bin.


  1. How's low carb going for you. There are a lot of fibro people who use LCHF/Keto to help take the edge off the pain. I see subgroups in the forums I'm in. Stable glucose, lower weight, less pain. Triple win.

    Best wishes for a better 2018.

    1. That's interesting Karen. I've just restarted low carb BSD (blood sugar diet) so I'll see if it helps. But I don't intend to go all the way to LCHF. High fat makes me feel nauseated, and really low carb makes me depressed. I'm aiming for 50g carb per day.

    2. That's a great place to start. Let your body adjust. See how your glucose is doing. Go from there.

      Here's to keeping your glucose stable in 2018. I've heard too many accounts of folks who wished they had and are now in dire straights because they didn't start simple low glycemic measures and monitoring right now.

      I wish I had started sooner. I could have saved myself a lot of pain. Onward.