Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year


Happy New Year everyone!

After a troubled night's sleep due to the heat, I got up and did an 8 minute standing yoga session then a 30 minute walk so that was a good start to the New Year. I didn't actually enjoy the exercise; yoga is difficult and boring (I am getting so old and creaky!) and outside was hot and full of flies ... but I did it anyway! Tick.

I just read through the last couple of years' NY resolution posts and it was a bit depressing. Same talk of weight loss, finishing my novel, drinking more water etc. Things I still haven't achieved. I weigh more now than I did in either of the previous two years. I think reading those posts was a bad idea. Forget them and look forward.

Starting weight for 2014 is 82.5 kg.

I worked out my Uni timetable and full time would be five pretty full days, with three days going past the end of my children's school hours, requiring after-school childcare. And that is not including study or assignments. No time for writing my novel, grocery shopping without kids, exercise, helping kids with homework or anything else. And the children already have extra-curricular swimming lessons, dance, karate, and violin to fit in. I am going to investigate part time. It will take a lot longer, of course, but who knows what tomorrow will bring? For now, I just can't manage 19 face-to-face hours per week plus study and homework. I have a course advice session this Friday so I will be able to chat to someone.


  1. Hi Natalie, You're a very busy person. Concentrate on the eating, it takes less time than a crazy amount of exercise. Honestly, when the kids get older, you'll have a LOT more time to yourself--knowing this from experience. Happy new year! :D

  2. Marion's right, the eating is the important part. For me it's also the hardest part :( But, that being said, when I am exercising, I am eating better.
    Don't beat yourself up too hard, you're constantly trying to improve and that's important: you're not giving up!