Monday, November 3, 2014

Catching up


Well I somehow skipped blogging for a few days. So here is a summary.

On my Thursday workout, which I slogged through despite feeling yuck, I must have bruised my tailbone on the stationary bike because sitting back in my chair hurt for the next three days! I did feel a bit sore when I was on the bike but I was basically hating it all anyway so I didn't realise there was anything extra. I seem to be ok now but I might stay off the bike a few more days.

I took Friday off exercise without guilt, after doing four days straight. Both Tim and I had some mild illness with fatigue and I had a sore throat and we both had depressed mood - which maybe explained Thursday's ennui. I spent most of the day shopping for my son's birthday which is next week. Lots of presents! I was really good while I was out, making great food choices when surrounded by temptation, but when I got home, exhausted, in the afternoon I had some unplanned snacks and went over my calorie limit.

Saturday included my son's best friend's birthday party. I had a few m&ms then a slice of cake that was so sweet I only had a few bites. I thought it was probably just me, but my daughter said it was too sweet too, and she is a child! The icing was just an inch of sugar. When we got home my husband baked a much nicer cake ... I don't think the 15 minutes dancing I did counteracted two slices of that. I planned to dance more but was still feeling very fatigued.

Sunday was my official weigh in. I had watched my weight go down and down during the week then up and up again at the end, and I finished where I started. I did do four days of exercise, which is a win, but my food got out of control in the second half of the week. Sunday was a quiet day at home I think? It's all blurring together.

Today I chose to dance for my exercise because I have just bought the new Kinect Xbox game "Just Dance 2015". I hate that they call it 2015. I can guarantee that there are no songs from 2015 on it! I do like having new tracks to conquer. They have made it pretty easy though. There are no levels of difficulty and I've got 4 or 5 stars first try each time while still learning the dance. The Just Dance series are more about fun than challenge (Dance Central is more difficult). There is a sing-along feature which is good. I get to work on "Let it Go"!

In my non-weight-loss life I am still working through self-editing my novel before I let anyone else read it. And the pace is picking up in reading entries for the Aurealis Awards. I've read 8 out of 20 books (anthologies and collections of short stories) so far and more will be submitted up to the end of the year. It's not too onerous, when I did fantasy novels I had 63 books to read in about 8 months. I haven't received any "hard copy" books at all this year - they are all on my Kobo e-book! Ah, times change. They only started accepting e-books the year before last, I think. Didn't take long for everyone to swap over. I suppose it is easier for the publishers to send me a file via email, but I will miss big parcels of real books being delivered every week.

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