Tuesday, November 4, 2014



I kept my CPAP on for more than five hours last night, the best I've done for months. So that was great. But then my husband had to get up super early to catch a flight and I couldn't get back to sleep for ages after he left. And when I did get to sleep the doorbell rang and I slowly struggled up out of the mire of deep sleep so I could get up and answer it only to realise that we don't actually have a doorbell. And then I dreamed about snakes, lots of very aggressive venomous red-belly black snakes. And I didn't have any shoes on but I couldn't go inside to get some because then I wouldn't see where the snakes went and the kids might get bitten. I was armed with a stick and a spatula. Holding them down with the end of the stick and cutting their head off with the edge of the spatula and chopping them up with it.

Finally I woke up, late for school and very groggy and woolly-headed. I managed to get the kids away but there was no way I was going to the gym, I could hardly see straight. I kidded myself that I might exercise later, but didn't. I spent the day editing and reading, mostly. Taking Jasmine to her dance lesson. Cleaning the house for a) friends coming over for kids' playdate and b) friends coming over for Dungeons and Dragons playdate - neither of which actually happened.

I had a very strange phone call yesterday. The (youngish female) caller asked if I knew one of my neighbours a couple of doors down. I didn't. She asked if I would mind putting a note in his mailbox with her name and phone number, and a reference number - the ref number made it sound like a business rather than personal thing. I said I would. She asked if she could call back in a couple of days if he hadn't called her. I asked her not to, I didn't want to get any more involved in whatever this was, and she was politely accepting of that. I didn't get around to it yesterday but walked over today and put the note in the mailbox. The weird thing is that I'm pretty sure it's a retired Greek or Italian couple living there. Did someone give her a dodgy address, which is why she's having so much trouble contacting them that she had to call a complete stranger who lived in the same street? And how did she get my address, did she scan Canberra's white pages until she found that street name? I could have asked for more details, but the mystery is probably more interesting.

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