Tuesday, November 18, 2014



My dietbet is going well so far. It is officially Day 2 but since I weighed in at the earliest possible moment I have had an extra 48 hours. I've eaten very well and have lost my water weight (and hopefully a little fat), it will slow down from here but I've made a good start towards my 3.4 kg in four weeks.

I don't find it stressful and I enjoy reading everyone's comments on the website.

Yesterday the plumber was here all day - eight hours - doing expensive things. But we now have a new hot water heater and the water pressure fixed and the toilet fixed and I just hope we don't have to spent any more money for a while or we won't be able to afford Christmas!

I couldn't go to the gym yesterday because of Mr Plumber and I wasn't willing to prance around the lounge room in my lycra with him here. So no exercise. I haven't been to the gym for a couple of weeks due to being unwell, I did put my membership on hold for a week but it's back on again now. I'll go tomorrow, no car today. I still don't feel 100% but I've been looking after myself with rest and good food so I need to start easing back into it or I'll still be sitting on my behind until the New Year. Aiden is back at school with just a bit of a cough, he has certainly bounced back a lot quicker than me.

I went for a walk just before lunch. These are flowers in our garden, I thought they were interesting with the two different colours on the same plant.

And this is not very clear, but those two splashes of red are birds - Rosellas I think.

So I got a bit of fresh air and gentle exercise today. I need to work on my water consumption (as usual). But I'm feeling good about my food intake.


  1. Always wondered what a dietbet would be like! Sounds fun!

  2. I think I should try out diet betting too! Anyway, it's too bad you lost a day due to your plumbing emergency. It's rather important to have things in perfect order, moreso when it comes to plumbing. It seems everything was good to go, and they won't bother you for a long time, so you can focus on your workouts. Have fun exercising!

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing