Tuesday, November 25, 2014



I got up again yesterday and walked for half an hour in the morning coolness. After breakfast and getting the kids off to school my legs were really tired and aching so I didn't go to the gym. By mid-afternoon, when I walked up to pick up the kids, my legs felt like lead! I was also really sleepy, in fact while sitting outside Jasmine's dance class in the late afternoon I went to sleep. This is right next to loud music, other parents chatting, and children in tap shoes trotting up and down the hallway! I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I yawned my way through Dungeons and Dragons in the evening and was very glad to get to bed.

Still very tired this morning and although I did wake early, I went back to sleep again pretty quickly. A shower didn't help much and I am feeling barely functional today. I think I'll need a nap today.

I've been eating too much the past few days - nothing terrible, just too much (cashews, cheese, lots of grapes) - and I did have some chocolate and a macaron last night, tiredness makes me weak. I've also slacked off on tracking, getting lazy by lunchtime. My daily weight has reflected this lack of focus - funny, that! It has crept up a little. I need the numbers to go down! Determined to be back on track today. If I'm tired I'll nap, not eat.

Oh my goodness I'm sleepy.


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