Saturday, September 23, 2017

Acrogym win


Today was Jasmine's first ever Acrogym (acrobatic gymnastics) competition. This was a small one, just three gyms competing. There are some much bigger ones coming up, so this was great practice. I videoed the performance which I won't post here, but took photos of the warmup. She is the blonde one, and is the base in the lifts so is teamed with someone smaller.

Her pair came first in the Balance routine, first in the Dynamic routine, and first overall!!

Really excellent performance. She and her partner had practiced very hard and even amateur eyes like mine could see the difference, they were much better synchronised than some of the other teams and with smoother transitions between moves. I wasn't at all surprised when they won!

Now they've got lots of rehearsals during the school holidays, state trials in three weeks.

At lunchtime we went to my brother-in-law's for his birthday BBQ, relaxed time with family including five children under five years old. Quiet evening at home.


  1. Well done to your daughter, very talented 😀

    1. Thanks, she is doing very well. She works hard for it!