Friday, September 29, 2017



I know weight plateaus can happen for no apparent reason and it's normal, even if you are doing everything right. I will start losing again eventually. But it's so frustrating! I am the same weight I was 12 days ago, with only small fluctuations in between. After a week I thought there were reasons, on four days I ate 1500 or 1600 calories instead of my target of 1200 so apparently that was enough for maintenance (even though I was burning 2000 calories a day), and I wasn't well so I wasn't exercising. But this week I'm back on track with eating, and I'm doing a lot of really strenuous work in the garden. Yesterday about four hours - carrying buckets of rocks and big bags of manure, digging, raking, sweeping, planting, laying out watering system, setting up trellis, up and down stairs. Dripping sweat, muscles aching.

And overnight I regained the 0.3 kg I'd lost, back up to 78 kg. Back to where I was 12 days ago. How can I not lose weight, eating 1264 calories and burning 2534? Arg!!!!!!!!

I'm assuming my body is holding on to some of the water I drank yesterday, it can't be fat regained.

We spent the morning at a garden centre. We took both cars! Didn't exactly fill both with plants, but bought a lot. Aiden counted them later, and including the ones we put in already there are 50 new plants in the backyard. So I think over 30 today. I planned what to buy and thought it would be enough, but now they they are placed where they are to go (but still in their pots at the moment) I think we need a few more. Need to move them around a few times before I'll be happy with final placement. I didn't do any planting today, I did the grocery shopping in the afternoon then was feeling a bit tired. Carrying them out the back and giving everything some water was enough for today.

Meanwhile Tim went over to his dad's in the afternoon to help out. Jo came home from hospital today so I guess she is much better. Jasmine also seems to have recovered except for a constantly running nose.

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