Friday, September 1, 2017



First day of spring. And it was lovely outside. Still freezing inside though.

I saw my doctor this morning. She was happy with my progress and gave me a script for another month of Duromine. The first pack of 30 pills didn't last a month because I was taking 2 x 15mg a day. This time I got 30mg.

I did the grocery shopping and had lunch then waited in my frigid house for the heater repair man to arrive (any time 12-4), gazing longingly out the window at the spring sunshine. I tried doing some study, but honestly I got so cold sitting still that I couldn't concentrate. I did things that involved a bit of movement instead like folding the laundry, and washing dishes (mmm, hot water).

The guy turned up at 2pm, not as late as I feared, he investigated and found that the heater itself is fine but the control panel is broken. So it will be expensive but not hideously expensive to fix. Bad news is he needed to get the part and will come back tomorrow. At least he could come on Saturday. One more evening. Once I have a hot bath and snuggle under the covers I'm fine.

After he'd gone I was able to get outside and stuck into gardening. Tim came home really early, to attend a Fathers' Day thing at Aiden's school in the afternoon, so he was able to help. We finished getting the ground flattened and smoothed for the turf tomorrow, and Tim put together the high pressure water cleaner thing that we are going to use to deal with the mess of powdered concrete the tiler left behind, and he cleaned part of the area before he got too wet and cold, and I potted up some plants for our courtyard area.

Then I remembered that I hadn't actually taken my script to the pharmacy so I walked up to the shops and did that. Tired feet by the time I got home. I still have a runny nose from my cold but I seem to have bounced back quickly and didn't feel too bad today. I've been getting in my 10,000 steps every day as well as all the gardening. It's lovely to have some energy.

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