Wednesday, September 13, 2017



Today was the promised hot and sunny one - and I believe it got up to 33C! Crazy for only two weeks into spring. But lovely. And I finally got into the pool!

It took me a long time to ease in but I ended up going in up to my neck. We've been heating the pool for the past few days and got it up to 25C. Aiden was cannonballing off the top of the waterfall (we waited until he got home from school). Tim was home too today. Jasmine didn't get home until late so didn't go in, but she braved it before when it was first filled. 

It was so good to finally get to use the pool after a year of construction and delays and then a couple of months of winter. Today's heatwave was a one-off, the weather will be going back to normal spring for a while so I don't expect to swim again for another month at least. 

I had some of my energy back today, I potted up some herbs in the garden - in the morning before it got hot - and went for a walk after it got hot which was a bit... hot. Otherwise lots of TAFE homework. 


  1. It looks so refreshing! I'm glad you had nice enough weather to get out and enjoy it. You've certainly been waiting long enough for it!

    1. What do you mean 'waiting long enough', Martha. It only took... nearly 14 months...

      It really was lovely though.

  2. It's great to see ya using that pool!!!