Friday, September 29, 2017



Well, that was unexpected.

You may remember a while ago I applied for part-time work at my local group of libraries, I didn't even get an interview and I thought that was fair enough as I wasn't even half-way through my degree and they said they had lots of more qualified people applying. And I was disappointed but not devastated, and got over it.

Well this afternoon I'd just gone out into the garden to start planting all the things we bought yesterday, when my phone rang. And it was a librarian asking if I'd like to come in and talk to her about doing some casual work! Of course I said yes and we set up a time Thursday next week. I suppose it is an interview, although it sounded more like an offer. Oh my goodness, how long has it been since I'd done anything like a job interview? More than 20 years?! Suddenly I am very grateful for those two face-to-face exams I had to do last week! Very good practice in answering questions confidently on the spot.

But what do I wear!???

And how much am I willing to compromise on working at times inconvenient to me (like when I should be driving my children to activities)?

I'm sure the work itself will be very basic - putting books back on shelves, manning (womaning) the front desk etc. But it would be such good experience working in a real library, and wonderful for my future resume.

Time management would become a lot harder. Start juggling!

But really - what am I going to wear?


  1. Sounds exciting! Good luck. I'm guessing casual dress would be fine.

    1. Yes I've picked out an outfit after trying on some clothes last night, grey trousers with a pretty top as a compromise business/casual.

  2. Good luck! You'll ace it. Your outfit sounds great Blods xx