Monday, September 25, 2017



I didn't lose any weight this week, in fact I'm 100 grams heavier than last Monday (I don't really consider that a gain, that's a tiny fluctuation). It's disappointing of course, but there was the nausea I was trying to combat with frequent carbs all week, and two parties on the weekend where I wasn't in control of the food served and where there were no good choices at all. I feel back on track today. 

If anything I'm most worried that I have stalled right on that 78 kg mark, and have not yet broken into virgin fat. Again. 

78.1 kg.

It still looks better than 84.7 kg. 

I think no-one has noticed my weight loss yet (or at least hasn't mentioned it) because I am often around this weight. My shorts from last summer fit perfectly. I'm at the lowest end of my 'normal' weight variation.

Hay fever has hit here, going outside is a bit of a risk! We're all affected to some extent. Jasmine either has bad hay fever, or has the flu, not sure yet. I hope she recovers quickly.

More digging in the garden today. Tim does the back-breaking work first with a pick, then I go along with the shovel trying to incorporate some manure into the dust and rocks. Another trip to the garden centre soon for more plants. 

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