Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cold squared


We are getting the heater repaired tomorrow (assuming they can fix it) so only one more night and day of freezing... I've come down with Jasmine's cold. I know you don't catch a cold because you are cold, but I think it lowers your defences! I went into TAFE today and got through my morning class but then went home at lunchtime as I wasn't feeling very well and just couldn't sit through another two and a half hours.

We are getting ready-to-lay turf delivered on Saturday for next to the pool. It will be nice when it isn't all just bare dirt! Well, bare dirt full of rocks. And tree roots. And tree roots entwined around rocks. There will still be plenty of space for other plants, but we thought a bit of grass would be nice to walk and sit on. Tomorrow is the first day of spring, and the weather is supposed to warm up on the weekend.

Tim gets Aiden ready for school on Thursdays after I've left. He usually has school uniform but today it was a book week thing so he was in mufti (he decided not to dress up as a book character). Tim didn't notice he was wearing a pyjama top under his jumper! Last week Tim didn't notice Aiden was wearing his school trousers on backwards. My darling husband is excellent with the kids, but I guess he doesn't think things like that are important. And I guess at ten years old Aiden should be able to dress himself!

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