Saturday, August 26, 2017



This morning we went to see Jo in hospital. She's recovering well from the operation and will go home in a couple of days. She seemed in good spirits, considering, although she still feels that the 4 week delay since they found the mass might have made all the difference. Also, rather oddly, that her 50 years of smoking didn't cause the lung cancer. She sees the oncologist on Monday to find out what happens next.

Then we went to the Hardware store, which also has a plant nursery, and bought some garden stuff. We were there a lot longer than we expected and it was nearly 2pm when we left and I hadn't eaten since breakfast about six hours before! Tim and the kids had a sausage sandwich at the hardware store, and the kids also had hot chocolates at the hospital, but I was trying to stick to healthy food so waited until we got home. By then I was feeling a bit sick and trembly and almost teary, I assume my blood sugar was low. I'd planned to make a nice soup for lunch, no time for that obviously, I just shovelled whatever I could find into my mouth. I could never do a fast, at least not without bad consequences, I don't understand how people can feel good not eating. I feel horrible!

When I recovered, Tim and I did some work in the garden. Mostly digging up a huge rock and two huge plant root systems that had been left in the ground and were sticking up now that I'd levelled the dirt. He vacuumed the pool but unfortunately the filter thing got stuck in the skimmer box and we can't get it out! I've looked online and it's not uncommon, sometimes you have to break it (it's plastic) to get it out and buy a new one. I hope it doesn't come to that.

It's storming outside now. There was a forecast of rain for today, I'm glad it waited until late afternoon so we got some time outside.

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