Tuesday, August 29, 2017



This morning the heater refused to turn on. We have no idea what is wrong, and the scanty 25 year old instruction manual offers no advice, but Tim will clean the filter tonight (it's out of my reach even with a chair, on the ceiling) and if that doesn't help I will have to call a repair man tomorrow. Arg, more tradesmen! So I was very cold all day except when I was working in the garden in the late afternoon.

The council man came to do final certification for our pool. He said everything looked fine, which is awesome. Now I wait for the paperwork and get my bond back from council - the bond was to cover if we damaged council property like the sidewalk while getting the machinery in.

Aiden and I built a little retaining wall on a sloping bit of ground out of a few of the rocks that came out of the recent digging. All the rock from the actual pool excavation was taken away, but there are still big rocks in every shovelful of dirt! Basically we're sitting on rock here. Most of the ones I'd dug up were thrown in the skip before I decided I wanted to keep a few, so I didn't have the best ones to work with and they may be too small to make an effective wall.
Update: cleaning the filter didn't work - getting a repair man but not until Friday! Brrrr.

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