Sunday, August 13, 2017



It looks like I'm allergic to my new mascara. I've been using a fairly expensive department-store mascara for many years now but I'd run out and at the end of last week I grabbed a cheaper (but well-known) brand at Big W. The first time I wore it, the next morning I woke up with gunky eyes but didn't connect the cause and effect. I used it again yesterday and this morning the skin around my eyes is swollen and dark and very sore and I probably look even worse than I feel. Can't even cover it with makeup, I'm not taking that risk. Luckily my eyeballs feel ok, it's just the skin. I won't be wearing mascara again until I find my favourite brand, and my eyes have recovered.

I've been spending most of my time studying, working hard. Nothing particularly exciting happened in my face-to-face classes, I was really tired after a horrible night's sleep and struggling to stay awake. Speaking of dozing off in class, Jessica stayed awake this time but continued to stay in her own little world with little contribution. At one stage we spent about half an hour researching on our computers. Jessica sat the whole time doodling in her notebook, making no attempt to do the work. The teacher called on her first, causing a long awkward period of ums and ahs before the teacher moved on to the next person. I can't help wondering how all this is going to end. I have no idea what is going on in her life, or why she comes to class but actively avoids learning anything.

The swimming pool remains in limbo. We haven't had the handover so things like the filter and water feature still haven't been turned on, and I've put some chemicals in but it's not balanced so not safe to get in. And we haven't been able to resolve the heater issue. The tiler, despite his constant promises of 'next Monday' and 'by the end of the week' over and over, hasn't been back to clean up. We've picked up all the broken tiles and tuna cans etc but we want him to pressure-wash the rocks he's left covered in ... something. On our last contact I said if we had to get someone else to do it I'd be sending him the bill, got a prompt reply with a new promise, won't hold my breath.

We have started preparing the dirt for planting, but can't do much because we don't know if the heat pump will have to be moved, if the pressure washing will kill new plants etc etc. Waiting for other people, as usual.

Aside from those same complaints as always, and the sore eyes, everything is pretty good. We had family over as usual yesterday with a couple of extras, got to see one of the babies I don't see as often, my goodness Samuel has grown! Nine months old now. I got to hold him which was lovely, I don't get cuddles from little Ashleigh any more as she is going through a 'only mummy and daddy can come near me' phase. I think I'm going to enjoy being a grandmother one day, I love cuddling babies but I love being able to give them back!

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