Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hot weekend


I started the day with some really sweaty and strenuous gardening. Tim always mows the big front lawn but the new turf by the pool is up too many stairs to take up the big petrol mower and I insisted on getting a little push mower so I often do it (Tim sometimes does). It's super hot here so I went out early but it was still blazing hot, especially pushing the mower and stooping to trim edges. It may not sound like hard work but it was! I only got it half done but the heat was too much for me by then I was getting bit dizzy.

I had a bit of trouble getting to sleep last night but not as bad as the first night I think, and still dry mouth today but again not as bad as yesterday. Still good energy and appetite suppression.


My aunt and uncle (on my dad’s side) came visiting for lunch and brought three grandchildren (my cousin’s children) similar ages to my kids. It was over 40C so the kids were in the pool most of the time but none of the adults even wanted to step outside. Tim’s dad and Jo came over too, which was great as it spread the talking around a bit. Five hours can seem quite long! The kids all had a fantastic time though. I hope no one got too sunburned, we made they keep applying sunscreen.

I was really excellent with my food until just after they left when I shovelled in some chips. Then poured the rest in the bin. Not too much damage.

Tim’s brother is putting up a shed in his little backyard, apparently it had to be today (hottest Sydney day in 158 years in many suburbs) because he is going back to work tomorrow. So Tim is over there now in the afternoon heat helping. Crazy.

Last night I finally got a good night’s sleep. A bit queasy today at times, and still dry mouth but not as bad.

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