Saturday, January 27, 2018

Missing the party


I’m trying to remember what I did this week... Tim was back at work but the kids were on their last full week of summer holidays. We shopped for new school shoes, swam in the pool, worked in the garden, and saw The Greatest Showman which is loosely based on the life of P.T. Barnam, very enjoyable with some great music. The kids completely missed the reason Zac Efron’s character was ostracised for liking the acrobat girl (he was white, she was black, didn’t occur to my kids that could be a problem) and they were also surprised a fat man appeared in a freak show - I had to explain obesity was much less common 150 years ago.

Emotionally I’ve been fine, increasing carbs seems to have done the trick. Unfortunately I’ve also increased total calories a bit and my weight drifted back up, I don’t really see how that is possible as I’m still eating well below what I use/burn each day. But these fluctuations happen. I have one more week of Duromine then I’ll have to decide if it’s worth continuing if I’m not losing weight. I definitely haven’t had as good an experience with it this time round.

I felt a bit unwell when I got up this morning; aching back, neck and legs. Tim reminded me I’d worked hard in the garden yesterday and it was probably muscle soreness from that, so I went off shopping as planned. It’s Jasmine’s birthday next week and we hadn’t got any presents yet - her main present ordered online may or may not get here on time because the company had a long shutdown over Christmas/New Year. I managed to get some nice things for her but felt increasingly unwell and I think I have the flu. I’ve stayed home this evening while Tim and the kids are out at Tim’s dad’s 70 th birthday party.

I’m sorry to miss it, it’s quite a big event, with a room hired and food catered and a string quartet, and all the family and friends there. Ten years ago I was there at his 60th, Des gave a long but entertaining speech about his life - he said usually people hear about all that stuff from someone else at the funeral but he thought it was nicer to tell us himself. He’s very much a talker, he could draw a random subject out of a hat and lecture for an hour, making stuff up if he didn’t know! I always leave the room when he gets on to politics. At his 60th he gave a 45 minute talk, with slides, between dinner and dessert. The speech was good, but I had to stare at a buffet laden with desserts that I wasn’t allowed to eat yet! Torture.

I hope I’m better by tomorrow, Jasmine’s having her birthday pool party here. I’ll have an early night.


  1. We have a flu epidemic. I hope you have sufficient time to recover.


    1. Thanks Janie, but it seems to be hanging on for a long time!