Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sick and grumpy


It’s turns out feeling a bit weak and dizzy on Monday was merely the precursor to nastier things. I woke on Tuesday with no energy and an aching back, but I forced myself to do some gentle exercise because I hadn’t for days, and it actually seemed to help my back. But then around 11:00am the waves of nausea started. I spent the rest of the day in bad (or the bathroom!). I had taken a Duromine in the morning which was probably the reason why I wasn’t able to nap, I just lay on the bed feeling awful.

Wednesday I was just tired and achy, and was able to nap both morning and afternoon (no Duromine) but I was miserable despite not feeling very sick. Sad and irritable and frustrated and teary and bored. Not a fun day. In the afternoon we went and saw Jumanji, I didn’t really feel like it but I figured I would just be sitting and it turned out ok. Better than staring at the wall at home. I ate quite a few non-diet foods throughout the day. Nothing to do with hunger, 100% emotional eating. At one point I was eating cheese and crackers grumpily because Tim made too much noise while I was having my afternoon nap and woke me up. I was eating to punish him. And that works because....?

Anyway, I feel much better today both physically and mentally, although I’ve been sitting all morning so I guess I’m not exactly bursting with energy. I didn’t drink enough over the past couple of days because my stomach didn’t seem to like it, so I’m working on replacing fluids today.

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