Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Round two of Duromine


We’ve had a quiet start to 2018. Mostly at home. We went to the movies yesterday, Pitch Perfect 3 which I really enjoyed.

I’ve been focusing on my diet - sometimes it feels like a full-time job, you know? Planning meals, cooking, thinking about food, how much can I eat, can I ‘afford’ a snack, hungry - or not hungry but want to eat anyway.... eating less but thinking about food even more than usual, if that is even possible!

Anyway, my diet-related news is that I’m starting Duromine (phentermine) again tomorrow. I had good if not dramatic results last time with minimal side effects. I’ve always planned to probably try it again after my body had a break to reset after the last course, as it wasn’t working much for me by the end, my body had got used to it. I had one pill left in the box and I took it a few days before New Year. Ate less, more energy. Definitely seemed worth taking again. I saw my doctor yesterday, she was very pleased that I’d maintained the loss for two months and gave me a one-month script. I picked up the pills this afternoon. Something that makes me not think about food constantly just makes life so much easier. And last time it relieved my peri-menopause symptoms too.

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