Sunday, January 7, 2018

New low


My weight this morning was 74.0 kg, a loss of 1.4 kg for the week (1.0 since I started Duromine on Thursday). I’m very happy with that. It’s the lightest I’ve been for a very long time. Now I have 5 kg to lose to be at my wedding weight from 15 years ago, so that is my current goal. Actually I went on a diet before my wedding and lost 5 kg, so I guess I’m the same weight now as I was a couple of months before I got married.

Tim said this morning that I am radiating thin-ness. Isn’t that lovely!

The weather was more bearable today, in the 30s instead of the 40s. Had a lovely swim in the afternoon. I was feeling a bit dizzy and weak in the morning which could be my medication or could be allergies, Tim is suffering badly from hay fever atm and I do get that to a lesser extent. I feel ok now though, either way.


  1. Wow! That's awesome! One day, I too, will "radiate thinness" such a cute thing to say!

  2. "radiate thinness" what a lovely saying. Bet you still smiling....