Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Big deal


Big day for me today. It was busy, I was rushing here and there, but the big deal was when I went bra shopping. I've had damaged shoulders and limited rotation for nearly twenty years now, most recently I tore my left shoulder about six (?) years ago and since then haven't been able to do up my own bra at the back. I get Tim or Jas to help me, or I put it on backwards and wriggle it around. Really annoying. I've needed new bras for ages but put off shopping because of the hassle of trying them on. Today I decided I just had to do it, I went to a store that has a fitting service so there was someone on hand to help me do them up. But found I could do it myself!

This is just a major achievement for me! I mentioned maybe six months ago (?) on this blog that my shoulder mobility was a bit better, but still not able to reach my bra hooks, and I was pleased that it was so much better. And now another improvement. It seems like after many years of little change it's got a lot better over the past twelve months. Or maybe it's been gradual the whole time. Or maybe it's all this gardening I've been doing, getting my arm and shoulder muscles working. The tear of the tendon never actually 'gets better' or reattaches itself but the muscles eventually learn to compensate (a lot quicker if you do all the physio exercises!).

Anyway, I've very happy about it. Being able to dress myself it a big deal.


  1. Ugh, bra shopping is my least favorite thing to do. It does pay off to go to a professional for a fitting.

    1. I don't really enjoy any clothes shopping! Are there people out there who go shopping with you and help find things that suit you and go together? Probably, for rich people.

  2. I don't mind shopping, but it seems like petite clothing is getting harder and harder to find so options are limited. I find I settle for something rather than love it. That's the most frustrating part.