Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Spread of germs


Well Tim was sneezing all morning before he left for work and Jasmine had a sore throat and runny nose... I'm still tired and headachy but better than yesterday.


...and today both Tim and Jasmine were home sick. And Tim pulled a muscle in his back sneezing so now can hardly walk.

I continue to improve, although now my gums are really sore! It hurts when I floss.

Yesterday Jasmine’s school contacted me to say she had been marked absent at roll call and I hadn’t called to let them know she wasn’t coming in. Even though she’d gone to school as usual. The first time this happened last year I had a bit of a panic, but now after it’s happened a few times I just ask them to check as she is a quiet little person, easily missed. And they find her in class where she is supposed to be. So today it happened again, and I’m thinking “two days in a row? Of course she went to school.... oh yeah that’s right she didn’t.” Luckily this response only happened in my head!

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