Tuesday, February 27, 2018



This morning my weight was up to 75.2 kg, so I've regained 2.5 kg in the three weeks I've been off Duromine and I'm back to where I was at the start of the year. This time on Duromine I really felt like it wasn't doing much good, but as soon as I went off it I realised it actually was! Without it I'm eating too much of all the wrong things, sleeping badly, have night sweats and bad dreams, and drag myself out of bed with no energy for the day let alone exercise. Well regardless, the side effects were horrible so I'm not going back on it for a while if at all, so I have to find a way to lose weight or at least maintain without it. Starting today.

I wore one of my new dresses last night and everyone commented and I felt good. And I'm wearing my new khaki trousers today (it's cold and rainy) and they fit nicely and I am so much happier this weight than 10 kg heavier. I'm not going back there!

I'm not used to a dress though, it's knee length when I'm standing up but when I sit down I'm mainly just sitting on skin which I don't like at all. I tried to tuck it under my legs but its not really long enough. When we bought our leather lounge suite (more than ten years ago) Tim promised me that leather doesn't make you stick and sweat, he said that only vinyl does that, and that leather is fine. Wrong!!! Any time my skin touches it for any length of time (like if I lie down) I end up having to rip myself away. I much prefer cloth seats. I hated sitting on it with bare thighs, even with shortelettes underneath. The price we pay for fashion.

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