Monday, February 19, 2018

Shopping frenzy


We had a busy weekend. On Saturday morning Aiden has his tennis lesson, Tim always takes him so I’ve never even met the coach. More on that in a moment. Then we went to lunch to celebrate a cousin’s birthday and saw the movie Black Panther, which was quite good but a bit strange. One odd thing was a peaceful and technologically advanced civilisation using single combat to determine leadership!

On Sunday morning I was out doing some gardening when our neighbour called me over the fence. (Not the one that complained about our pool heater, the other side.) I’ve barely met her in two years but she seems nice. They have three daughters but they go to a different (Catholic) school to my kids. After some general chat she brought up Aiden’s tennis coach, she must have previously learned from Tim who we went to. She said she’d pulled her kids out of lessons with him some time ago because he’d once become very aggressive with her over nothing, getting right in her face and scaring her enough that she reported it but no action was taken because he wasn’t physical. She has since met other parents who’ve had similar experiences (obviously Tim hasn't). But now she’s heard he is going to court this week because he physically attacked a woman walking her dog, and gave her facial injuries! So, that’s scary!

Sunday lunch we celebrated Chinese New Year, my sister-in-law is Chinese so she organised it, making sure there was my favourite roast duck, but it was held at cousin Daniel’s new house. They only moved in a few weeks ago and it’s the first time I’d seen it. We considered buying that block of land but decided to buy an existing house instead, and I’m glad we did because it’s taken well over two years for them to get to this point! They had to rent in the meantime. But they got to plan the house they wanted.

Then our Christmas present to Tim’s brother was theatre tickets, that was on Sunday night so we babysit our nieces Emma (5) and Ashleigh (1). Ashleigh had had a nap after lunch, and it was quite an early show so we didn’t try to get them to sleep. We had a swim in the pool, dinner, and some TV. Ashleigh gave a wail as her mother left, but I was able to distract her quickly and either Jasmine or I carried her around most of the evening. No tantrums or tears from either child.

Monday afternoon we had Emma again after school - they’ve got after school care organised elsewhere from next week - I had a headache and did find the constant ‘why?’ and ‘what?’ a bit tiresome! But we got through it with colouring in, afternoon tea, cubby house construction, and quiet time on the iPad.

Today I spent most of the day clothes shopping, again mainly for work things although I did also buy a new swimming cossie (the modest kind with a skirt). I bought lots! Three dresses, and navy pants and a blouse. With the things I bought last week, I feel fully ready for work placement and job interviews. I’ve never had so many new things in my life! I still don’t know how the work placement thing is going to work. I’ve also volunteered to help at Aiden’s school library this term.

Here is a selection of new clothes...

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