Sunday, February 11, 2018



Not much to say, still sick. Tim basically has to go to work tomorrow whether he’s felling better or not. Jasmine is doing ok and already back at school. Aiden hasn’t been sick at all. I’ve moved into the  snotty nose and sore throat phase. So tired. I nap a couple of times a day. Surely it’s nearly over? TAFE goes back this week. I will have work placement this semester and I have no clothes suitable to wear. Since I lost some weight all my old clothes are baggy (I didn’t have much anyway) but the only new things I have are a pair of very tight jeans and a pair of denim shorts. No work appropriate clothes for the lower half!

I’ve been doing lots of reading and watching TV, like the Winter Olympics. Eating the wrong foods, easy carbs like toast and 2-minute noodles, or home delivery like Thai tonight.

I’m supposed to look after Emma for a while tomorrow. I don’t think her parents really have any other option. I hope I feel better, and I hope I don’t pass on my germs.

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