Thursday, February 15, 2018



So it was Valentine's Day yesterday. Tim and I exchanged boxes of chocolates (both Lindor balls, different flavours) and he made an effort to sit on the couch near me while I was watching my favourite show (My Kitchen Rules) last night, but otherwise we didn't celebrate in any way. I'm still slowly on the way up from flu and had that horrible night of little sleep, Tim was actually feeling worse again with his flu. So we just sat in the same room felling rotten and had to be content with that!

I'm feeling a bit better again today, slight improvement every day but much slower than I'd like. I've been sick three weeks now if you include a few days when I thought I was better before getting sick again. At least I had a great sleep, unconscious for about nine hours.

I was getting increasingly paranoid about the fact I had nothing to wear if suddenly called upon to look neat and professional rather than stay-at-home mother and student (I have worked since the children were born but almost entirely from home with no customer contact, only six weeks in an office quite a few years ago and in winter) so today I did a bit of clothes shopping. I found a nice khaki pant that will go with several tops I already own, so that was a relief. Also grabbed on sale a few non-work tops and a skirt that unfortunately goes with nothing I own! I’ll need a plain white top to go with that one. I tried on many things and was exhausted by the time I got home. I made the kids walk to their afternoon sport. Apparently the coach was dubious about their walking home again! It's twelve minutes walk away, fine weather, in full daylight along streets that are neither isolated nor too busy, a safe city in a safe country, the two of them always together, and Jasmine is 14. I consider myself an overprotective mother but even I thought that was fine!

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