Saturday, April 28, 2018



Jasmine had braces put on her teeth yesterday. She's been talking about it for a year or so, her bottom teeth are crooked which no one else ever really notices but she wanted them straightened. All her friends have braces, apparently. I wasn't very enthusiastic about it because of my own experiences as a child, I think getting braces is what gave me my dentist phobia, but I didn't discourage her and she finally had them put on in a two hour appointment yesterday. She handled it very well (I was trying not to show my stress!) but her mouth is pretty sore now. We have soft food scheduled for the next few days, like risotto last night.

She didn't have to have any of the worst bits from my 35-year-ago experience: like having four teeth removed first, and having a plaster mould made of my teeth by holding basically concrete in my mouth and feeling like I was drowning while it set. She had a 3D scan made electronically instead, so much less traumatic!

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