Monday, April 9, 2018

Virtual queasiness


70.4 kg today, another 1.2 kg down. Awesome. My wedding and engagement rings are getting loose, I'll have to get them adjusted soon.

We have a VR (virtual reality) thingo and on the weekend Tim got Skyrim for it. It's the first really major game we've had for it. Skyrim is a fantasy adventure, swords and sorcery and dragons, that you can also play on a regular computer but with a VR headset it's really immersive. Unfortunately it also made me very queasy! You control how you move around in the game with hand-held controllers but of course your body is standing still - otherwise you would walk into walls and furniture in the real world - and some people can't handle this dissonance. Responses in our family ranged from no ill effects, to feeling like they were going to fall over, to mild queasiness after an extended play, to feeling very sick and having to lie down for two hours (me!). I get motion-sickness quite often in the real world too, or during 3D movies, no it wasn't surprising. Sad though, it looks like a great game.

So hot today, 34C in the middle of autumn. Apparently the hottest April day in 160 years. Who says global warming isn't real?!

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