Thursday, April 26, 2018



I did a little clothes shopping today, I’m about to start my work placement on Monday and I needed more autumn/winter variety in work clothes. I managed to find two warmer tops to go with my new trousers. One shop didn’t have a Medium in the top I liked, I tried a Large and it was much too big. Even the shop assistant commented how baggy it was - and usually they try to sell you anything! She apologised for not having my size. On a whim I tried a Small and it fit perfectly. When I took it up to the counter, the same assistant was very surprised that I was going to buy it (the Large, she thought) and it was nice to say I had fit into the Small.

Another shop, for some reason I tried the Large first again. Too big, tried the Medium. Still too big. Tried the Small. Perfect! Different shops have different sizing, I fit in anything from a 12 to a 16 at the moment, but it looks like I should be trying the smaller sizes first.


  1. Its funny that a 12-14 here is a large! A small would be 6-8. I think I like your sizing better :)

    1. Clothes here usually start at 8 I think, maybe a few have a size 6. I wouldn’t mind different countries having different sizing, but it’s crazy that it can vary shop to shop in the same country. Some do it deliberately so customers can feel good fitting into a smaller size.