Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Last class


I had my last class for my Library and Information Services Diploma yesterday. I still have a whole term to go, but it is filled with work placement, online study, and a major assignment with a couple of one-on-one consultations with my teacher. No actual classes, so I guess I will never see any of my fellow students again! None of them live anywhere near me so we're not likely to meet up or work in the same place, although we do have a Facebook group that people post jobs and library humour on. I didn't think of it until after I'd left. It's not farewell for the others, most have other classes (which I've already done or am doing online) which continue into next term. Maybe I'll see some people at graduation. And my favourite teacher, too. (My second-favourite is supervising my work placement and my research assignment so I'll see her.) Many of the people I was friends with studied full time so already graduated last year.

Actually I'm not sure if I'll go to the graduation ceremony. I've already sat through it for my BA and my Grad Cert. I'll see how I feel in three months.

I had to get up two hours early this morning so that I could drive Jasmine to school for an excursion. My body and brain don't know if they should be awake or asleep. This confusion was definitely reflected in today’s diet! And although I worked on an assignment all day I don’t feel like I got much done. I should have just had a nap instead.

I’ve been watching the Commonwealth Games on TV. It’s like the Olympics, but with only Commonwealth countries - 53 former territories of the UK like Australia, Canada and India. The Commonwealth includes about a third of the world’s population but without USA, Russia or China at our games Australia wins a lot more medals!

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