Friday, April 6, 2018

It fits


I tried on an old smaller pair of shorts today, not thinking they would fit, but they do! Awesome. Of course, I weigh less now that I have for about 15 years so I'm not sure how I could have any shorts smaller than that! (I lie. Of course I've got clothes more than 15 years old.)

Also I bought a new belt a few months ago but tried it on by just wrapping it around my waist and it only just made it to the first hole. When I got it home I realised I hadn't allowed for the bulk of the material it going over once I threaded it into pants, and it didn't fit me after all. I didn't try it again until a couple of days ago, when I found that it not only fits but I am now on the second hole - even over thick jeans. So yay.

And I'm noticing how much easier it is to cross my legs.

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